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VIVOTEK Announces Rebrand, Including New Brand Identity

VIVOTEK, an IP surveillance solution provider, unveiled new branding, including logo, brand identity and a new slogan: “We Get The Picture.”

“When we say, ‘We Get The Picture’, it means to understand the whole situation in a prompt manner, and to always be a step ahead to deliver the solutions demanded by our end-users,” said David Liu, president of VIVOTEK USA Inc. “During the rebrand journey, we discovered that the way we have done business for the last two decades, with outstanding service and business integrity, has profoundly shaped who we are today. Our new positioning and look redefine our role in the next era of IoT, but more importantly, deliver the clear message to our customers and partners that they can trust and stand side-by-side with VIVOTEK.”

The rebrand enables the company to take a more holistic approach to providing technology and intelligent insights. The new brand identity consists of a modern, user-centered and digital-friendly design.

Founded in 2000, VIVOTEK established its headquarters in Taiwan and has concentrated on IP surveillance since inception. The company has been aware of advancements in internet and surveillance in recent history, and is currently moving toward IoT advancements.

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