Technology Insight

Videonetics integrates with Vivotek

Videonetics has completed the integration of its Intelligent VMS 3.0 with the Viviotek, NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) compliant, series of edge analytics IP cameras.

The technology integration empowers operators to easily configure and change the streaming, imaging, and other parameters of the Vivitek cameras using Intelligent VMS 3.0 user interface, and to activate Edge Analytics applications running inside the cameras within the same unified interface. At the time of any alert triggered by edge analytics applications, information is immediately transferred from the Vivotek cameras to the IVMS application. Operators can immediately monitor and assess severity of the incident by investigating specific and associated cameras on the IVMS dynamic map and ensure that every incident is handled in compliance with the standard operating procedures (SOPs) of the organisation. The SOP includes popping up of a video matrix displaying views of all the cameras within the geofence and distributing the information across various communication channels in-built in the IVMS application. This simplifies the response coordination between stakeholders and speeding up incident resolution.

Distributed computing architecture involving edge analytics and IVMS provides an unlimited scalability in deployment of video analytics applications across thousands of cameras in a single installation.

Intelligent VMS 3.0 uses the application programming interface (API) from Vivotek cameras to activate edge analytics applications. The edge analytics applications send event notifications to the IVMS application in real time over a streaming protocol. The event handling mechanism of Intelligent IVMS executes the SOP associated with the event automatically.

“Videonetics is focused on developing strategic relationships and building a strong ecosystem, thereby making our technology accessible to our partners and customers. With this technology integration, I am assured that our Intelligent VMS coupled with Vivotek edge analytics IP cameras will help our customers to deliver highly efficient solutions for varied industries.” stated, Avinash J Trivedi, VP – Business Development, Videonetics.

“Vivitek aspires to become the Eye in IOT by drawing on its expansive technological capabilities in image and audio. In process of same Videonetics advanced VMS and our Edge Analytics offerings helps to solve the customer surveillance concerns. When we say, ‘We get the picture’, it means to understand the whole situation in a prompt manner, and to always be a step ahead to deliver the solutions demanded by our end-users.” said Alex Kuo, Department Head APAC.