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Triple threat: Varian, HP and Adaptiiv form 3D printing pact to improve radiation therapy

Adaptiiv is tapping HP’s 3D printing technology and Varian’s experience developing radiation therapy devices to fine-tune the process of creating patient-specific accessories for cancer treatments.

As any engineer can attest, the triangle is the strongest shape, and Varian Medical Systems, Adaptiiv Medical Technologies and HP have formed one of their own to take on the daunting task of improving radiation therapy for cancer.

Specifically, the trio is taking aim at traditional boluses, devices that mimic the structure of human tissue and are placed on top of the skin to control the dose of radiation delivered to a specific location.

Together, Varian, Adaptiiv and HP are planning to develop a new approach to creating patient-specific boluses. Their method will utilize 3D printing technology, automated design software and knowledge of the linear accelerators that deliver external beam radiation therapy.