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Touchpoint acquires Morse Watchmans

Morse Watchmans, the industry leader in key control and asset management systems, has been acquired by Touchpoint, a privately-held diversified global growth company focused on engineered products in growth markets where the touch point is a differentiating factor. 

With over 100 years of growth, TPI has a strong presence in the technology and manufacturing sectors. TPI seeks to leverage its position and experience by identifying and building equity positions in emerging global companies to build strong returns.

“Our company has stood the test of time because we have been guided by strong core values, passionately committed associates and an unshakable willingness to take a long term view in how and where we invest.” – Brian M. McNeill , President & CEO

Morse Watchmans will join Touchpoint’s Intelligent Inventory Management platform, which focuses on developing inventory management solutions that enable the secure, accurate and efficient management of consumable inventory and high value assets in a variety of end markets.

“We are thrilled to become a part of the Touchpoint portfolio, which will help us to drive value to a greater audience through our key and asset management solutions,” said Tim Purpura, Morse Watchmans, VP of Global Sales & Marketing. “Asset management is a fast-growing segment of the security market, and we will continue to develop innovative technology solutions that serve this segment.”

Morse Watchmans’ suite of key and asset management products includes Keywatcher Touch, Keywatcher Fleet for fleet management applications, Assetwatcher for small valuables and devices, Keypro Software, Keyrings, and much more.