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Sighthound acquires Boulder to add real time video intelligence

Sighthound Inc. a pioneer in computer vision and deep learning solutions for video analytics, detection and redaction in surveillance, law enforcement and smart cities, has announced it will acquire Boulder AI, a leader in smart cameras and edge computing solutions.

The combination of Boulder AI hardware and Sighthound software brings, what is thought to be, the first programmable VMS able to scale from the Cloud to Server or the Edge, turning any video stream into a network of sensors and truly actionable data for customers. Programmable solutions with a data-first approach and privacy-by-design ethic will shift control to customers in an industry struggling with security vulnerabilities and costly, closed architectures. It is expected the new platform will have 10x the compute power, reduce bandwidth by a factor of 10, and lower costs for customers by up to 50% for multi-camera installations. When customers can operate more efficiently as an enterprise, they can innovate, disrupt and scale like never before.

RJ Burnham, Sighthound CEO, said, “We are bringing together two fantastic companies with shared values: customer obsession, technology excellence, and solving critical problems. Together, our aim is to bring openness and programmability to VMS solutions, long seen as closed, proprietary, and inflexible. Our objective is to meet customers where they are, give them great technology that’s easy to deploy from a company with integrity and great support.

“This acquisition is the first of several expected over the coming quarters supporting our long-term strategy and I couldn’t be happier to welcome the Boulder AI team to Sighthound. With the move, Boulder AI CEO and Founder Darren Odom will be the new CTO of Sighthound, and all Boulder AI employees are joining the combined company.”

With the Sighthound Programmable VMS, companies can rapidly respond to the market by instantly deploying a video management platform in an Enterprise-grade Cloud. They will finally have the ability to programmatically customise every element of the experience including the interface, integration, intelligence, and reporting to meet the unique needs of their business. Alternatively, companies can build their own platforms containing elements of the Sighthound Programmable VMS. The core idea is that our solutions are flexible, responsive and tuned to each unique use case, adapting to the customer’s business, not the other way around.

The ability to work with multiple hardware vendors, industry standards, third-party developers, and best-in-class partners means Sighthound solutions are “unlocked” to facilitate agile, seamless integrations that meet the customer’s needs long term. Sighthound vows its software will always work with any standards-based camera and it’s hardware will always work with any software, that’s a promise few vendors can make.

The powerful visualization of data from the Sighthound Programmable VMS provides essential business value for operations, marketing, and other P&L departments beyond compliance and security. Customers in Public Safety, Smart Cities, Automotive, Hospitality, and Retail want the real-time position of an object, a heatmap of visitors in a store, the face hash of an unwanted visitor. 

Former Boulder AI CEO and now Sighthound CTO Darren Odom, said, “We are building a solutions portfolio that checks all the boxes. Easy-to-use, open and programmable, Edge hardware, web-based software, all harnessing advanced AI in a high-security cloud. Our goal is to make customers feel there is an alternative to the way things have been done in the past. They can finally have a technology partner that gives them accurate data, served up in a single pane of glass view quickly, without sacrificing latency – from license plate reading and vehicle make/model/colour for Law Enforcement to pedestrian near-misses for Smart Cities to face-based recognition for touchless Access Control in Government buildings – if we can give them easy access to data instantly and make installations easier and more affordable, while increasing privacy, the customer wins and that’s what we want to see.”