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Remote Access Solutions Provider iglooworks Partners With PSA

As a technology partner, iglooworks can provide PSA members and owners with smart access software and hardware that supports remote locations.

WESTMINSTER, Colo. — PSA, the world’s largest consortium of professional systems integrators, announces the addition of remote access solutions and hardware provider iglooworks to its list of technology partners.

iglooworks is built with secure cryptography technologies for interoperability across multiple systems from off-site control centers, according to the company.

“PSA members and owners are being asked to provide services that support remote locations,” says Matt Barnette, CEO of PSA. “iglooworks’ smart access software and hardware fits that need for our integrators. The technology it is bringing to the industry further advances PSA offerings and our integrators’ services.”

What started as an offering of home locks and remote access control for residential rentals, has expanded to commercial applications. iglooworks offers enterprise solutions for property development, facility or building management and fleet and logistics management.

igloocompany, the partner firm of igloohome and iglooworks, is based in Singapore, with an Americas office located in Austin, Texas, and provides products globally to over 100 countries with 13 regional offices.

“iglooworks has enhanced business operations and efficiencies for over 500 enterprises around the world,” says Anthony Chow, CEO and co-founder of igloocompany. “We are excited to partner with PSA and look forward to creating better experiences for their owners and customers through our suite of solutions.”

You can view a full list of PSA Business Solutions partners here.