PSA Adds ProActive Data Storage and Monitoring to Managed Security Service Provider Program

PSA Adds ProActive Data Storage and Monitoring to MSSP Program

[11/17/2020 – Security Sales & Integration] PSA, the world’s largest consortium of professional systems integrators, announces the addition of ProActive Data Storage and Monitoring Inc. to its managed security service provider program (MSSP).

ProActive offers both local and Cloud video storage through its patented file reduction solution for surveillance video storage along with system health monitoring.

“ProActive is a leading video monitoring and storage manufacturer,” says Tim Brooks, vice president of sales and vendor management for PSA. “The ProActive team has developed robust and affordable video solutions, providing back-up for critical surveillance data. We are very pleased to add ProActive to our lineup of products.”

ProActive is committed to creating affordable video solutions for the entire marketplace by turning video files into small compressed data files, according to an announcement.

This compression reduces the amount of hard drives, Cloud storage space and upload bandwidth needed to store the videos, resulting in lower video storage costs for customers. The health monitoring feature provided by ProActive pushes notifications to alert the user if their video system is down, reducing the chance of losing saved video files.

“We are extremely excited about our new partnership with PSA,” says Thomas Maggio, CEO of ProActive. “This partnership will help bring our patented technology offering to some of the premier systems integrators in our industry, allowing them to offer a solution for their clients to back-up their important surveillance data.”

By offering affordable Cloud storage and health monitoring as a managed solution, PSA says integrators possess the ability to create greater customer retention and provide diverse products and services to their end users.

PSA’s MSSP program focuses on uniting industry-leading partners in cybersecurity and Cloud-based security solutions, offering training and certification opportunities and financing options with assistance from PSA.

Source – Security Sales & Integration