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Paladin Technologies Purchases Commercial Security Integration

AUSTIN, Texas —Paladin Technologies announces it acquired Commercial Security Integration (CSI) on June 1. As part of its on-going, active business plan, CSI brings depth to Paladin’s security reach within the U.S. marketplace, according to the company.

CSI joins Paladin with a customer base including defense contractors, municipalities (city, county, & state), education institutions, private corporations and federal entities.

With a certified team of professionals, the group utilized technical excellence to drive strong relationships with clients, an announcement states. All employees will be joining the Paladin Technologies Group of companies through this transaction.

“Aligning with CSI has immediately enhanced the depth of our U.S. security division,” says Ted Reid, CEO of Paladin Technologies. “CSI held Paladin’s philosophies of teamwork and a client-focused vision which made them a perfect team to bring into our group of companies. We are excited that with CSI’s strategic alliances, our clients will benefit from the highest quality solutions. Paladin Technologies remains committed to expanding our reach across North America to make lasting impact on our industry.”

CSI’s President Kirk Davidson adds, “As part of our review to determine what is the best next step for CSI, our key considerations were ensuring our people could continue to develop and our clients would continue to receive solid, local service along with the benefit of an entrepreneurial organization with proven industry processes.”

Effective immediately, CSI will transition its operating practices to doing business as Paladin Technologies. CSI will retain all existing phone numbers as the team integrates with the Paladin Technologies group of companies.

Paladin was the cover story for SSI‘s May issue. Leaders from the company spoke on how the company is putting substance behind proven conventions for success such as strong culture, high technical IQ and exceeding expectations, and much more. You can view the story here, or listen to an extended interview in podcast form, here.

“Navigating through COVID-19 has brought our teams together, closer than ever. We’ve taken the time to consciously evaluate our operating practices and CSI institutes specific processes that will enhance our team’s capabilities to meet the needs of our enterprise client base,” says Paladin Managing Director of U.S. Operations Mick Barber on the latest growth of Paladin’s U.S. team. “This collaboration of professionals will undoubtedly support our aggressive endeavor for market reach.”