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Openpath Unveils Pro Series Video Readers With Built-In Camera

LOS ANGELES — Openpath announces the new Pro Series Video Readers with “sleek hardware, touchless unlock, remote management capabilities and high-quality video to enhance security, starting right at the door.”

By adding a camera on the reader, Openpath’s Video Reader Pro attaches visual verification to access events at the door. Combining video with access logs gives security teams the full story of events throughout the day and allows them to see what’s happening outside the entrance in real-time, the announcement states.

Up to 180 days of Cloud storage is viewable in the Openpath mobile app for historical access.

The high-quality video feed is optimized for mobile with remote features on any device, allowing security administrators to take necessary actions quickly, such as granting remote guest access, activating lockdown capabilities, diagnosing automated alerts, or informing on-site personnel to a specific situation that may require immediate attention.

Openpath’s Cloud-based Video Readers are said to provide enterprise-grade security with double encryption and are built on open standards software for unlimited flexibility, which leaves capacity to run additional apps and rich integrations like facial authentication in the future, the company states.

Enabled by Openpath’s security platform, the Pro Series Video Readers are billed as ideal for organizations who want a touchless, convenient, secure security solution with visual verification to enhance safety, and remote management capabilities for hybrid and remote employees.

The new readers complement existing video surveillance systems to provide close-up, eye-level view of what is happening at the front door. They can also work in isolation, offering video footage context to any motion activated or access event as users are coming or going.

Carrying on the design legacy of Openpath’s original flagship readers, the new Video Readers provide the company’s “Wave To Unlock” user experience to reduce friction in the workplace. The hardware is said to fit easily on any door frame and with its multiple mounting options. It can be angled for optimum video placement and is weather-proofed for both indoor and outdoor requirements.

“The way that we use and occupy commercial buildings and office spaces has changed significantly in recent years, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to security anymore. With the introduction of our new Pro Series Video Readers, we’re excited to add video to the many solutions we offer to help organizations of all types and sizes strengthen their security posture for the New Normal and whatever comes next,” says James Segil, president and co-founder of Openpath.