Laboratory Technology Hiring Projects

We provide the value and urgency to your specific hiring needs. 

About Us

Mackenzie Ryan is an award winning national recruitment services provider specializing in Laboratory Technology, Pharmaceuticals, and Clinical Research. Whether you need US trained, Board Certified leadership with Infectious Disease expertise or a Senior Scientist to develop PCR and RT-PCR IVD assays in an FDA-QSR and ISO13485 compliant organization, our team provides you talent access when and where it matters most.

Why Project Work?


Utilizing a singular resource versus multiple can give your organization the ability to cut costs dramatically with the same level of service as a retained firm.


Running multiple roles at a time provides you the opportunity to streamline and improve internal recruitment processes as well as gives you the ability to generate the manpower needed for rapid hires or bulk hiring initiatives.


Ability to scale with your volume and provide a solution in the time-frame you need. Running in tandem, we give you full access to all marketing and data system resources.


Build a true partnership with our entire company, giving you access to our fully committed recruitment and search ops teams.

Case Study

20 Positions – 5 Days

We helped a client that needed verified staff in order to win a multi-million, multi-year project. We were able to source, screen, and present candidates for 20 positions over a 5 day period.

Case Study

191 Positions – 6 months – 30 Hiring Managers – 82% Savings

After understanding and implementing a client’s process internally, we opened and filled 191 positions within a 6 month period, covering sales, engineering, operations and field. We worked with 30 different hiring managers across the United States saving our client 82% of recruitment fees.


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