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Kastle Systems Introduces Remote Video Platform for Monitoring During COVID-19

Kastle Systems, a leading provider of security services for commercial businesses, introduces a cloud based remote video platform labeled as KastleSafeVideo.

During COVID-19, the expansion has been critical to provide remote based security and surveillance access for office buildings, office suites, and multifamily properties. The remote video platform will help clients maintain security protocols such as video analytics and remote guarding services while reducing operating costs.

The KastleSafeVideo service is cloud based which enables clients to access surveillance footage from any device. Clients have the option to self-monitor with live-stream recordings or enable Kastle’s line of smart camera technology that is AI enabled. With many businesses already open and some to still re-open, Kastle’s technology helps their property become safer and enable smarter technology.

“With a longer timeframe for a full return to normal office activity and a growing concern about crime and security during this delay, we reshaped our existing video services to meet an immediate need for innovative, modern security coverage at lower cost for commercial office buildings and multifamily properties,” says Kastle CEO Haniel Lynn. “We see KastleSafeVideo as a safe and secure bridge to a broader return to the office that the KastleSafeSpaces platform can help facilitate.”