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Hikvision introduces two new turbo charged cameras

Hikvision USA has introduced two new Turbo HD cameras equipped with Colorvu technology for 24/7 full-color imaging. Turbo HD technology enables cost-effective video imaging over analogue cabling with 2 MP, 1920×1080 video resolution.

“So many applications require high-quality, colourful video images in less-than-ideal lighting conditions, even near complete darkness,” said John Xiao, Vice President of Marketing, Hikvision USA. “Our new Turbo HD cameras are designed to meet this need, producing high-quality, colorful images in all lighting conditions.”

ColorVu technology employs an F1.0 super aperture and an advanced sensor to collect more light to produce brighter images. Active Alignment technology further ensures reliable image quality with an adjustment accuracy within 4 pixels.

The new Hikvision Turbo HD cameras are available in two form factors: a turret model (DS-2CE72DF3T-FS) and a long bullet model (DS-2CE12DF3T-FS). Both models are water and dust resistant (IP67) with operating temperatures ranging from -40° to 140° Fahrenheit.