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GJD launches new curtain beam detector

GJD has launched the Gem external, wired, curtain motion sensor utilising precise PIR technology.

With up to 12m selectable detection range, the versatile design of the Gem means it can be positioned to look across windows, doors, balconies or the entire length of a house, office, or property wall. Featuring a narrow invisible curtain beam, the Gem has been designed to be highly effective in protecting properties against crime.

Versatile design

One of the main advantages for the Security Installer is that two Gem units can be fitted back-to-back. This will provide longer distances, reduced cabling, and ultimately cut down installation time. Designed with front and rear tamper sensors, if the detector is tampered with it will instantly trigger the CCTV system and notify the designated user.

The Gem is supplied with a customisable “T” bracket for narrow beam applications. An additional swivel bracket can be purchased for applications that require a customisable pan and tilt angle. If the Gem is mounted on a T-Bracket, or a swivel bracket the tamper will still activate if vandalism occurs.

Designed for reliability

The Gem offers outstanding detection reliability. It is IP65 rated and has temperature compensation, making it suitable for outdoor use including extreme environments.

Commenting on the new product, Chris Moore, GJD’s Technical Product Manager said: “The Gem is aesthetically pleasing, it is available in white so that it discreetly blends into most PVC windows and doors. The Gem provides precise and accurate detection to protect both properties and people against crime.”

Installer friendly

The Gem has a switch selectable detection range, adjustable sensitivity, and LED indication on/off options, all of which make it easy and fast to programme saving engineers time and stress.

Other benefits of the GEM include low voltage functionality, allowing it to be used in many different applications and it has a two-year warranty.