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Geutebruck appoints new CTO

Gregor Sanner is the new CTO at video security specialist Geutebrück GmbH. As a newcomer to the security industry, the 54-year-old has extensive development and management experience in the banking and logistics sectors.

Previously, he worked for Deutsche Post IT-Services, but most recently, Mr. Sanner was able to apply and expand his expertise at a private bank in Luxembourg. As CTO, his responsibilities there included developing the product portfolio, designing innovative technical solutions and integrating new business areas. He has many years of experience in leading agile development teams and in the field of agile transition.

At Geutebrück, his role will be to drive the strategic development of the company’s high-performance video and security management software and he is also a member of the management board.

“This is a great challenge. I’m excited to join this exciting industry with the virtually unlimited possibilities modern technologies such as cloud, 5G or artificial intelligence offer. I’m also happy to support the company in its agile transition. We want to use agile methods to intensify the close collaboration with our customers and users in order to create innovative value-added solutions for them,” says Gregor Sanner.