Thanksgiving Fundraiser Generates Over 27,000 Meals

Last week our company participated in a Thanksgiving Food Drive with our sister company, Personify. The food drive, organized by our Outreach & Wellness committees benefitted the Food Bank of Eastern & Central North Carolina.

Each day during the week, we had a goal to donate a certain amount of canned food each day. With a large portion of our workforce still remote, our employees also made monetary donations.

If our company was able to hit our donation goal each day, members of our leadership team would face certain “challenges.”

In conjunction with the food drive, our Wellness Committee conducted a fitness challenge where our company would donate $1 per mile exercised.

Our team rose to the occasion and surpassed our goal with time to spare.

On Friday, our team showcased true altruism to the cause by going above and beyond our already achieved goals. We had team members donating their bonus checks as well as individuals matching the donations given during the day Friday. Our team rallied behind the idea of helping to feed families in our local area.

Throughout the week we were able to exercise 449.56 miles which our company will donate $449.56 and our employees raised $5,055.

Combined with our Wellness donation, our team was able to raise $5,504.56 which will be donated to the Food Bank of Eastern & Central NC during the holiday season.

Every $1 helps provide 10 meals.  With our donation we will be helping to provide OVER 27,000 meals!

We urge you to consider donating to the cause.

During the pandemic we have seen a 38% increase in need across central & eastern North Carolina

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is being felt throughout our area, in communities large and small. According to Feeding America, estimates of the impact of COVID-19 are projecting increased food insecurity in line with the Great Recession.

People have lost jobs and healthcare, children have been home for months – in many cases without access to school meals. Families who couldn’t afford to miss one paycheck or even one shift at work are being forced to make impossible choices between paying for rent or putting food on the table.

Prior to COVID-19, data from Feeding America showed approximately 545,000 people in our 34-county service area were facing hunger, 180,000 of those being children. The projected number of food-insecure people in our 34 counties is now more than 756,000 neighbors, with 253,000 being children. That’s approximately a 38% increase.

Highlights from Friday’s Leadership Challenges:

As mentioned before, our leadership graciously volunteered behind the idea of facing challenges if our people met donation goals.