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Convergint Technologies featured in A&S International Magazine

A&S International & Convergint’s cybersecurity  discusses vulnerabilities facing IP cameras,

Convergint’s Brian Lipscomb was featured in A&S International Magazine. Brian, an expert in cybersecurity, discussed the vulnerabilities in security facing IP cameras. Limspcomb, provided informative insight into how to protect your security devices against security hacks or breaches.

“Many IP cameras still have significant areas of vulnerability out of the box, which can be exploited by attackers. These vulnerabilities include default passwords, unnecessary protocols, services and ports enabled, and vulnerabilities resident in the firmware itself,”

“Some manufacturers are building in secure features to their devices, but it is still important for the integrator to help their end-users take that basic security up to a higher standard. Legacy cameras are often overlooked by IT departments and are operating on outdated firmware versions with unpatched vulnerabilities.”

Brian Lipscomb, Convergint Technologies

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