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Axis previews launch of updated Smart Search

The already popular smart search function in the Axis Camera Station Video management software has now been improved to support deep-learning object and colour classification.

Smart Search 2 in Axis Camera Station comes with an intuitive search interface, allowing any user to quickly search through video material to find persons and vehicles of interest.

Smart Search 2 is powered by motion object data from the Axis camera, which is further processed using machine- and deep-learning to quickly classify objects such as people, cars, trucks and bicycles.

Smart Search 2 works with most Axis IP cameras and no extra hardware and software is needed. However, performance can easily be enhanced by adding additional server capacity and Smart Search 2 will perform even more quickly using forthcoming Axis cameras with machine- or deep-learning capabilities.

Additional interesting changes mean that the system now uses a combination of edge and server-side video analytics as well as deep learning methods for detection, classification and search.  And it also offers a comprehensive list of various search filters such as persons, vehicles and colours.  There is also a confidence slider and an easy over view of all search results for manual review.

The new update is included as part of a software upgrade for Axis Camera Station with no extra license required; it can be used on several Axis cameras simultaneously to search larger areas and, no extra hardware or software is required to use it.

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