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Assa Abloy Pulse wins innovation award for energy harvesting locking

Access control technology Pulse from Assa Abloy has been recognised for its combination of energy harvesting power generation and security features designed to meet the challenges of the next decade.

France’s Expoprotection Trophées de l’Innovation 2021 highlight a select few new products and systems across the whole spectrum of security, cyber security and fire safety.

Pulse’s Trophées de l’Innovation Silver Award was presented at Expoprotection Sécurité, in Paris, taking place from September 28–30, 2021.

“We are delighted to accept the Trophées de l’Innovation 2021 award from Expoprotection on behalf of Assa Abloy teams all over Europe who have created this innovative access solution,” says Aude Rouyer, Product Solution Manager for Electronic and Digital Keys at Assa Abloy Opening Solutions France.

“Together, we designed an energy-harvesting system with an eye to the future. Each lock works autonomously, without mains electricity or any need for batteries. Pulse also simplifies key handling, because every user carries just one key pre-programmed with all their cleared permissions, no matter how many locks they need to open.”

Pulse key-operated access control is self-powered: It runs without any external energy source, neither wires nor batteries. Opening a programmable Pulse lock is simple in its design and operation. A user inserts their programmable Pulse key. The power generated by inserting and turning — kinetic energy which is usually “wasted” — is instead harvested to power the lock’s encrypted electronic security. If the key is authorised by the system, the lock opens.

Alongside energy harvesting, judges singled out three more features for their innovative approach. A Pulse key is equipped with two complementary types of authentication technology. It may be used, like a mechanical key, to turn in the lock, generating power to run the system’s electronic security. The same key also doubles as an RFID credential, able to unlock doors via wall or inbuilt readers. For users and building managers, this is much more convenient than carrying or issuing two separate credentials.

Secondly, embedding Pulse’s energy harvesting cylinder technology within the door — rather than on an external knob — brings security, simplicity of installation, and aesthetic benefits.

Thirdly, Pulse locks’ integration with Assa Abloy Opening Solutions’ Incedo access control ecosystem helps security managers to tailor a security system to their exact needs. They can deploy and manage Pulse intelligent key technology at the same site as Aperio wireless locks and wired readers, for example. A flexible, scalable system controlled from one Incedo hub designed to meet the needs of their premises.