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AliveCor Expands Overall Reach with Latest Launch

AliveCor is establishing its footprint in enterprise-class clinical flows with its latest launch.

The news comes on the heels of AliveCor purchasing CardioLabs, a monitoring, and cardiac diagnostic service provider. The acquisition helped to set the foundation of AliveCor Labs.

The company said with the launch it now offers a full suite of cardiac monitoring services featuring AliveCor’s KardiaMobile 6L.

AliveCor Labs also offers Mobile Cardiac Telemetry and Extended Holter and Holter monitoring to provide solutions for all clinical use cases.

“AliveCor Labs offers providers a reimbursed means of monitoring cardiac events with the most well-known personal ECG in the world,” said Priya Abani, CEO, AliveCor. “This launch propels the evolution of AliveCor as a full-stack cardiological solution for providers, payors, and patients.”

The new launch comes at a time when AliveCor is in the middle of a patent spat with Apple. AliveCor said in a release that filing in the ITC “is one step, among others, that it is taking to obtain relief for Apple’s intentional copying of AliveCor’s patented technology—including the ability to take an ECG reading on the Apple Watch, and to perform heartrate analysis—as well as Apple’s efforts to eliminate AliveCor as competition in the heartrate analysis market for the Apple Watch.”

Reuters reported on that U.S. District Judge Jeffrey White was slated to hear a bid to dismiss a lawsuit that alleged has monopolized the market for heart-rate monitoring technology for the Apple Watch on October 8. Apple’s lawyers contend plaintiff AliveCor “makes unsupported market share allegations that fail to establish that Apple holds market power in the proposed markets.”